The Farm and the Clinic building at Park Physiotherapy

The Park Physiotherapy Clinic is located at the heart of Leys Farm, a working arable farm which has been owned by the Ashford family since 1972. A visit to the clinic will give you the opportunity to learn a little about the farm and to enjoy its surroundings.

Now all-arable, the farm did include livestock enterprises until 2000 including a pedigree flock of Charollais sheep. Crops include cereals, sugar beet, oilseed rape and field beans.

The cereals comprise winter wheat which is grown for biscuit making and for animal feed, and winter and spring-sown barley which is grown to provide malt for beer-making. These crops all grow towards a harvest in July and August.

The oilseed-rape crops give the vivid yellow flowers in the spring and are harvested to provide a seed which has a multitude of uses, from cooking oil to vehicle fuel.

The sugar beet crop is a staple of the Norfolk landscape, planted in the spring and growing through the summer before being harvested in autumn and winter. From this farm the beet roots are delivered to the processing factory at Cantley to provide sugar sold with the Silver Spoon label.

Work continues year-round so keep an eye out for tractors in the fields. Leys Farm works together with three neighbouring farms, with larger items of expensive machinery being shared.

The Building

We are very proud of the Clinic at Park Physiotherapy, built in 2011 and used from February 2012. It was previously a pig-shed, the original idea was to convert the existing building. When it was discovered that this was structurally unsound the plan changed to a new purpose-built design, giving the opportunity for a very eco-friendly structure.

The building incorporates many modern techniques but hopefully retains an external appearance fully in keeping with the surroundings. Built around a steel frame, the external envelope comprises further timber framework and a very high degree of insulation to keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer. The external materials are pantile, brick and larch-cladding to give a traditional feel with a modern twist.

All the heating comes from a ground-source heat pump which takes heat from under the field across the drive. This is very efficient and maintains a very comfortable temperature for patients even on the coldest winter day. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity to help run this. Triple glazing and a heat-recovery ventilation system complete a building that uses little energy. The flooring is marmoleum throughout, this material is a natural product manufactured from linseed. Marmoleum is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-virusidal.


Treatments with a Chartered Physiotherapist are recognised by private medical insurance companies. Please check with your insurer. Park Physiotherapy is recognised by all the major Medical Insurance Companies. We take medico-legal referrals for treatment following accidents Please contact us for details of this.

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